07 February 2009

Winter playground

We seem to go from ice to snow to more snow to ice, repeat until spring, down here in Homer.  Right now we're in the most beautiful snow-zone, but a few weeks ago the ice was pretty serious.  Ben's driveway was out-of-hand, leading me to parking at the bottom and carefully walking up for nearly a week.  Just so you don't think I'm too much of a wimp, I took some pictures on a beautiful walk/slide down the driveway.


IMG_0440 IMG_0442

Here's looking down, and then looking back up.  A solid sheet of ice.  It's still there, but it's now covered in nearly a foot of snow allowing for a bit more traction on the way up and, more importantly, on the way down.

I hosted a pizza par-tay the other night, complete with Indian pizza and trivial pursuit.  I discovered that I have gotten no better with 'Arts & Entertainment' trivia over the years.



This is the Indian pizza I made - a 'naan' crust, spinach-spiced sauce, mushrooms, cauliflower, green onion, tomatoes, cilantro.  No cheese, but it was incredible.  Yeah!

IMG_0492 IMG_0498


It was great to see people, especially since it was blizzarding outside pretty fierce.  The next morning we had heaps and heaps - and I loved it!!!

Last weekend I went adventuring with Josiah (and Kaya) on Saturday and skiing at the wee-lil' rope-tow on Sunday with Julie and Tim (followed by the Superbowl at Blaine & Katie's, complete with a keg of beer brewed and kegged by Blaine himself).


IMG_0505 IMG_0508

IMG_0509 IMG_0511

A very-nice-man stopped on his snowmachine while we were snowshoeing back up from Beaver Flats to tell us that he had an active coyote trap-line along there.  His words exactly were, "I've never caught a dog yet, and I wouldn't want yours to be the first one."  Great.  I had entirely forgotten to put the leash in my pack, and so Kaya got to practice a solid hour of heeling.

IMG_0516 IMG_0518

Here's Tim and Julie, showing off hot tele moves on the "slopes".  The ski hill was nice, but it really was a terrible tease for skiing...soon soon I'm going to have to get out!


Emily said...

woah sheet of ice, woah awesome sounding pizza, woah rach! We went up to Moose yesterday for the first time this season and the snow was AMAZING and there was hardly anyone out (base temp in the morning was 10 below, but it was above zero by afternoon, warm, bright, and beautiful). Seriously- all this nice fresh powder that no one had touched; it didn't seem like Fairbanks snow. It didn't have sticks poking out of it, or chunks of gravel making gouges in your board/skis.

Bring your skis when you come visit and we'll go huh?


Ali said...

More...MORE! I read your blog when I've lost all hope of paying attention in class. I need more fodder to fuel my slack habits.