10 October 2005

yeah! there's snow!!!! it snowed two weeks ago, on and off, but the ground wasn't frozen yet and it all melted pretty quick. no longer is that the case! this morning i got up early (thanks, uncle ted for the wakeup call!) and put a studded tire on the front wheel of my bike. the ride in was *great*, with snow all over the place and flying in my face. it was a little over 20 degrees, which is pretty good so far. i've ordered a facemask, and i'll probably get pogies for my bike handlebars. and i may need to get another studded tire for the back wheel...overall i'm pretty stoked about biking to school!!! the top two pictures i took from the hallway outside of my office. then there's my office. my desk looks awful, but there is a *little* bit of organization involved! anyways, here's all my love from alaska to everyone! come visit, it's great!!!!