27 June 2007

Meet Kaya!

well, i finally did it.
yesterday i thought i'd just go take a look at the animal shelter. i've been checking their website almost obsessively, lookin' at the dogs up for adoption. i've thought about it for years, the major down-side to the whole "having a dog" thing being the commitment to more or less staying in the country. but i think i can work around that, and i've made the decision that i *will* work around it now when it comes up! i came home with Kaya!!

She's absolutely wonderful. I feel almost guilty, as she's so incredibly well behaved and sweet!!! Everything I would want in a dog (so far, at any rate!) She's a younger adult, some kind of husky dog. With beautiful eyes!!

Here she is, tuckered out after bounding (she bounds, like a deer) through the underbrush on a walk down the powerlines. Not much more to say for now. I was feeling apprehensive yesterday when I got home (the "holy camoly, what did i DO??) but after an evening walk with her I was all sorts of excited. This afternoon we're going to go on our first run together...hopefully she'll be an excellent running partner. And by the looks of her when I take her off leash, she'll be good at skijoring! This girl can definitely run.


Anonymous said...

I'm a trendsetter! Finally. I feel some self affirmation now.
Ali gets dog. Then Tessa gets dog. And now Rachel.
Anyone want to know what color shirt I'm wearing so you can plan your outfit for tomorrow?
Really, Rachel, she's great!!!

mark said...

whoa--commitment! next youll be buying a house and moving in with a guy ;). actually, if youre ever on vacation, you could send kaya to portland and i could take care of her for some time (i prefer short-term commitments)...

squasha said...

holysmokes! kaya is gorgeous!!! those EYES! oooh, congratulations!