21 September 2005

we're now in late autumn...

well - it took me a bit to log in again to update this blog thing, since i actually forgot my password there for about a week. but i'm back in!
things are good in alaska - it's been chilly and *wet* for the past few days and it's getting rather old. very much like late-fall in new england, the leaves are mostly gone and you can tell winter is comin' quick. i guess it might snow tonight. isn't it still september?? last weekend it was fabulous, i went on a great bike ride and denali (mt.mckinley) was spectacular (see the picture!)
so i'm just going to throw some pics up on this thing. is there a place you can leave comments up on this site? if so, i hope you do!!
pictures are as follows:
a moose, outside of fairbanks; denali!; the roads can be dangerous up here, and the signs are great!; a picture of my office, which has more books and pictures up now!; and meg and i when we hit the yukon boarder on the drive up here!!
i miss everyone, and am still trying to figure out christmas/january vacation.
much love


Anonymous said...

Hi from Kansas!

The photo selection is an excellent exposé on your latest adventure. Thinking of you all the time.

I visited the UFA campus photos too.

Looking forward to your photos of the first snow!

I still say it can't be any colder than Kansas! :-)

Emily said...

Hey Rach!! This is where you leave the comment- oops I emailed you also! haha the sheep sign is too funny. Alaska looks wonderful! I miss you and love reading about your life!

weston lord said...

Hey Rachel,
Love the blob! hope all is well..
thinking of you...Jimmy here for a few days of salmon fishing...chris here also...Donna says Hi...
Stay warm,

Donna said...

Rachel, Love your blob! The pics are great. Your dad and I have been doing some fishing. Bet fishing is great up there. Will keep in touch with you. Miss you too! Much love, Donna

Ali said...

Hey Rachel! Awesome, you've inspired me to update my blog as well (or should I say "blob"?). We can have dueling Alaska sites. When in Rome...


Anonymous said...

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